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06-10-2008, 11:15 AM
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some things don't just fall into place. We overestimate/underestimate the locker room presence of players because most of us have never been at game one of a playoff round and been in the locker room to hear what guys, other than the coaches, are saying and how that affects people's play on the ice. When they lose, some quickly point out, "where was the so-called leadership," when perhaps the team just wasn't good enough but perhaps that leadershpi is what put them over the top to at least be in that situation at that point.

We don't know how Dubi was affected by being in the same locker room as Shanny. We don't know if Drury transitioned better into a situation where Jagr's captain but Shanny's there and Drury's obviously a vocal guy. We don't know if Avery would've spun out of control without Shanny there. Perhaps Shanny was a calming influence on Staal, and Girardi, or perhaps others; who really knows, we do not.

What I do know is that Chris Osgood mentioned two leaders when he was first interviewed following winning the Stanley Cup - and one name was Shanny and he pointed out his leadership - to me, that says a heck of a lot, and this is coming from someone who's usually skeptical when it comes to something I can't feel, see or touch. Shanny must've done something right in the past for the Stanley Cup winning goaltender to mention his name at a time when you mention so few.

This doesn't mean bring him back, this just means that there may be something to this locker room thing that we'd have to trust the coaches and GM to determine its value.

On the ice, I think it's a no brainer than Shanny lost a lot and isn't the kind of guy wh ocan play 82 games plus playoff and 15 minutes a night, let alone the 20 minutes per night he was regularly getting.

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