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05-29-2004, 11:50 AM
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Harper, you are correct that he is signed until July 1st, but I think my point was clear enough that he doesn't have a contract that needs to be paid (players get their pay in full during the season) nor does he have an restricted contract that needs to be added to in order to uphold it.

Recchi more than earned his contract in the 5 years he was here. He knows that there will probably be a cap and that if he wants to play on a team that has a chance of winning he will have to take less money. I really don't think that is an issue. The only issue for him will be once the offer is made, is it enough for him to agree to play here. He is the only one that can make that decision.

In today's NHL, he is still worth the $5 million he was paid each of the past 5 years. In tomorrow's NHL, few players will be worth that kind of money. LeClair won't be worth $9 mil, JR not worth $8 mil, Amonte not worth $6 mil ... Players will have to suspend the "worth" idea that they hold now.

My greatest fear for the sport is that the players become a group of have's and have not's. If the owners continue to buy players at a high salary, it will force them to fill out the rest of their roster with cheap players. The players that will be most hurt by this will be the players that are very good players, but aren't in that superstar category that pays them a lot of money, but are too good to be "bought cheap" to fill out a roster. The only way to prevent that from happening is to limit the amount that can be paid for ANY contract. When you have over 20 players on a team, one player can't be using up 20-25% of the total cap.

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