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Originally Posted by zeroG View Post
what on earth would lead you to claim that JM was a poor communicator? not demonstrative enough for some people around here while behind the bench, maybe. if you've seen interviews with him, you'd know that he's articulate and has very good perspective. oh, and you don't accomplish what he's accomplished at this level without knowing how to communicate.
I'd claim that because it's a fact. It's been mentioned NUMEROUS times how Martin doesn't really relate to the players. He's more of a hands-off coach and doesn't establish any sort of personal relationships with players really. I've had coaches like that and I've had coaches who relate and are friendly with the players, and a lot of people respond to the latter style better. More veteran players would be good for Martin to coach with that approach but with younger kids, you have to be able to relate to them and bring them along. Martin is not even good in interviews with the media, and while I agree with calling out Olli, you don't keep beating your star player. Olli was a star over the past 5 years and had one bad year. You think he's going to enjoy coming back and enjoy negotiating with Martin after seeing his name dragged through the mud when it's players like Peltonen, Dvorak, Stumpel, Murphy etc... who didn't pull any weight at all and are much more largely to blame? Everyone knows Martin is very impersonal in the locker room, as many players have even said, so why is that a surprise that he's not the most effective communicator with his players? He can still get his point across, but it's evident when it took them so long to play the system correctly and actually listen to what he was saying that he's no Mike Babcock.

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