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06-10-2008, 10:12 PM
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i would agree with this statement, however, most stanley cup champions add the right pieces to their teams at the right times...just off the top of my head(pronger, rafalski, brindamour etc.) i think the players the rangers have in the system are a good building block...they have the cheap young talent which will allow them to go out and sign a high-end scorer...
There's a difference between adding the right pieces, and adding the right pieces to impact players you already have.

Carolina added the right pieces to an players they already had (Staal and Brindamour).

The Ducks added the right pieces to players they already, same with Detroit.

If we want to go further back than that, Tampa did the same.

We've already added pieces in Gomez and Drury, to the tune of $12-million dollars a season.

But long-term, who exactly did we add them to? Shanahan and Jagr are both gone or will be within the next few years.

Dawes looks like a top six winger, but who else exactly is going to be the top end winger to play with them that we have?

We've even already been around the block on names like Korpikoski, Hiller and Bourret. So who exactly is shooting from the wings?

although, i would agree that besides cheraponov, and possibly players like dawes, dubinsky and anisimov who are more than likely going to top out as 2nd liners(which are very important) there arent any real top-end talents on offense....however like i said if they can keep the young cheap talent coming for spots like 4-7 defenseman, back-up goalie, and 3rd and 4th liners on offense i think they have the ability to compete every year.[/

I don't doubt that dubinsky and Anisimov could be second line centers, but who exactly is going to score the goals on those lines? That's the point we keep coming back to. I'm not concerned about who is setting up the plays, I'm concerned that I don't see many players who are going to finish them off. If Cherepanov doesn't pan out, we have Dawes and then a pretty big drop on the wings for goals.

The problem isn't adding one or two pieces, the problem is when you have to sign just about all of your top six forwards because you don't have any.

We're already got $12-million committed to long-term contracts at center. If you have to add scoring wingers, it's going to get pretty expensive pretty quickly. In which case than you've now gotten away from your originally point about "adding" final pieces. Forget final, under that plan you're not building via free agency again. And what happens if there isn't an impact winger? Or if the player doesn't pick the Rangers? What then becomes the backup plan.

That's the importance of actually developing and drafting your own top line talent. If you can get even 3 or 4 years of production on a smaller contract, it allows you to spread out your hits from free agent contracts. Without that luxury, you have to take your hits at the same time.

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