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06-11-2008, 05:43 AM
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Originally Posted by The Chariot View Post
I dont doubt that a kid dreams of winning the Gold, but we were talking about the Euro "leagues" as compared to the NHL. The world tournaments are for national pride, not day to day professional sportsmanship/business.

To be at the TOP of the professional hockey benchmark, players all over the world know its still the NHL. That's where the "majority " of the best come to try to beat the best given the opportunity.

$$$$ is a factor but not the only factor. You think Ovechkin, Malkin, Lids, Alfie etc etc couldnt get paid more back in Europe?

I'm sure they could, but they play in the NHL.

How excited was the Locomotiv fanbase to get Yashin? Did they think they stole an elite player from the NHL?

I think Jagr , even at 36 is a much different story. Might even be the kind of elite player with some game left to set a precedent.
You have a good point about pro-hockey leagues. This is where NHL has the advantage over KHL - tradition and history. KHL has some great rivalries (like the aforementioned CSKA-Dynamo), but it's still a brand new league spread over former Soviet Union. However, if pro teams from Europe would join the league, it could draw national interest and national pride would get involved again. Imagine in the expanded KHL finals: Frolunda vs Dynamo Riga. It's not going to be just that, it's going to be Sweden vs Latvia at the club level. Who ever is going to bring a KHL cup back is going to be treated as a national hero.

About the money. Ovechkin and Malkin could get paid more in Russia, but the rest of the Europeans get paid more in NHL.

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