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06-11-2008, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I'm a hardcore draft fan and even in Montreal I won't go. You miss way too many things, way preferable to be in front of the computer to go and get the infos and the reports.
The drafts something I always thought would be fun, but I just can't see it now.

I remember watching an NFL draft about 10 years ago. An ESPN guy asked a Jets fan an analytical question about whether th eteam would go after player x as the bpa, or player y as he best suited the team's needs. I guess it served him right for trying to communicate with a guy who paints his face for a draft, but the guy with the green n white face just started screaming 'Bubba Franks' after he caught his breath, he screamed 'number 1' for awhile.

I was thinking that it could be fun to observe morons in their natural habitat, but the nHL is a bit more reserved. I'd rather sit in a quiet bar with a dozen posters like yourself who could have somewhat knowledgeable input about the players selected. Then again, my attn. span would falter and I'd get on everyone's nerves.

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