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Originally Posted by Tuggy View Post
Certainly not surprising when you hear stuff like this about the NBA and I laughed when I heard Stern talking about it last night. I'm on the side of the fence that believes this stuff is true. The playoff series Donaghy was talking about in 2005 was the Rockets series against Dallas where Cuban openly complained after the Mavs lost the first two games. At the time Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy publicly questioned the officiating against Yao Ming (who according to Donaghy was targeted by officials). So last night they had Van Gundy on ABC and while he would "admit" to what he said and still stand by it, he was still backing down IMO and didn't want to face the scorn from the NBA.
Tuggy, I think that the human element is part of the game, in all sports. If a guy like Ming is targeted, I'd bet you that when a few officials sat down over a cold one, comments were made about him, his coach, some whining, how he would show them up, etc.

Baseball was always the worst for this. Some guys had a bad rep with umps and wouldn't get the close calls. I think that late in Don Mathews CFL career, his act had gotten to the refs and there was some payback involved.

I think officilas are as capable of spite as anyone else. I don't think they have clandestine mettings to organize winners and losres though.

The Pat Quinn Leafs are the textbook example. Tough team, often borderline dirty. IMO, the face of that edition was Roberts/Tucker/McCabe arguing as they made their way to the box. HNIC sold it as warriors at their finest, but the refs hated it and if the SI article is to be believed, eventually made the Leafs pay.

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