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06-11-2008, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by PanthersRule96 View Post
When you have players who are effective in a trap, such as that 96 team, as they weren't the most skilled, then of course it was exciting, because that's a main way on how you get the most out of a hard working, yet underskilled group of players. If there's not a large gap in skill level of your players, then you can be very consistent and effective at the trap, but when you play the trap with players on the current panther roster, more offensive players such as Jokinen and Horton will suffer, as it holds them back. I'm not saying the current panthers play the trap, but I am saying that teams with less skill play the trap a lot of times and their most skilled players usually suffer i.e. Marian Gaborik's point totals in Minnesota.
you bring up a good point. despite the presence of gaborik, olli or horton, both teams still lack the speed and skill to play an aggressive, uptempo offensive style. it's unfortunate for those guys but you will always see that. you really find out who the character guys are in those situations - some guys will whine or avoid the dirty work (olli), hurting the team and some guys will roll up their sleeves, go out there and do whatever it takes to get the W. the latter are the guys you want, obviously.

Originally Posted by Rattrick View Post
I agree with some here that we don't play the trap. We play a defensive system, but it certainly isn't the trap.

I do despise our CONSTANT dump and chase. Zero, I know at times every team has to dump and chase, but when a team is doing it 90% of the time (and we were), it's just depressing. Most of all, why the hell dump and chase on the powerplay? We did that time after time last year and time after time the opposing team just beat us to the puck and iced it.
yeah, it is depressing but, apropos our subject, one of the things that will help that particular problem (in terms of upgrading talent; obviously, coaching plays a role as do our Fs) is addressing the back end: better, quicker first passes = better speed through the neutral zone and easier, more consistent offensive zone entry. if you roll back the tape on all of those PP dump ins, the problems start in our end and are magnified in the neutral zone. even still, there are times you have to dump it in on the PP - the best teams do it. you just need to have a good dump in, have the guys without the puck moving with speed toward the blue line and have guys willing to get their nose dirty and you should have pretty good odds of getting the puck back. that wasn't the case for us.

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