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Originally Posted by Tuggy View Post
I agree completely about refs/umpires holding grudges against certain players. Hell, even in my softball league I'm convinced that one umpire has/had a grudge against a guy on my team and would call borderline strikes against him.

But this situation that Donaghy is talking about is different then that. He is saying that NBA execs told the refs which players to target. And the series between the Kings/Lakers, that the league wanted the Lakers to win so the refs called the games accordingly helping the Lakers comeback in the series and win in 7 games. Whether it's true or not I don't know, but the NBA is one league where I could see something like this being true.
The NHL decided that Holmstom's game had to be watched. He was doing something they decided to crack down on and he paid an unfair price as refs in the NHL, just to make a point, seem to go overboard on every directive.

I wonder if if in the NBA, they react to compaints in the same manner,' player x fouls in this situation, we'd better crack down on it'. I can see this before I can influencing results for ticket sales. I have a hard time believeing that they'd be so frivolous with their integrity. Maybe this guy read something into a directive and chose to interpret it a certain way ?

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