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06-11-2008, 05:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Laus723 View Post
Most people disagree with you and see how a puck mover like Liles or Campbell would help the team. Getting out of the defensive zone was a huge issue with the offense, a puck mover will help.

We'd all like to have a Hossa like forward, it's not going to happen, there's a reason he left Atlanta and is willing to take less to stay in Pittsburgh. And how do you know the kids won't help the team?
No, its just people here try to make the best of a situation and don't want to deal with reality. Our biggest problem was coaching. A coach has A LOT to do with our breakout. Also, our coach has a lot to do with our style of play which was way too passive. JM played a sit back/collapse obsessive D-style. If we were more aggressive and played more of a puck possession instead of always dumping the puck in we would leverage our best asset which was our powerplay. Unfortunately, we were 29th in the league in powerplay opportunities with a 6th ranked powerplay. Seems like an obvious ability we should be exploiting. But no, JM wants to talk about us having a problem with breakouts and a new puck moving d (keep in mind we WILL NOT sign Campbell unless we trade Bouw which is still unlikely) will cure this problem. He is about to hire a coach who will most likely be similar to him. This new coach will probably change our breakouts but will not change our style of play. You don't need top offensive talent to have a good powerplay. A lot of that is coaching, which was done by our assistants. The only good coaching this past season. Let JM convince you that a new puck moving d-man, say Liles for instance, will make a significant difference when this is just a pipe dream. We are in big trouble when we are thinking Liles will improve this team enough to make the playoffs.

Say what you want about a puck moving d-man who will transform our breakout. I see no problem with our d-men's passing abilities it has more to do with dumping the puck in 90% of the time. Our biggest problem is style of play not puck moving d-man of which we wont even get a top puck moving d-man.

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