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06-11-2008, 07:51 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyviper87 View Post
i said that and i will back it up:

campbell is below average in his own end....period...he is bad, you are paying for an offensive defenseman who skates all ove the place....he will be getting 8 million, which is absolutely rediculous.....he is a pp specialist and not much more.....have you ever watched him for along period of time...i got to watch him all the time as i live in buffalo....there is a reason the sabres paid vanek and not, doesnt have good size or defensive awareness

redden had an off year, yes, however i got to see him play quite a bit and considering that ottawa was playing horribly and no one looked good, although their defense was horrible....he needs to play with a stay-at-home defenseman, like a staal, however he has the ability to truly run a pp with his passes....he is an elite passer and can play legitimate #1 minutes whereas campbell can not due to his defensive lapses which occur all too frequently....

the age factor i understand, however with sanguinetti a couple years away or so i would rather sign redden to a 4-5 year deal instead of campbell at 8 million for 7-8 years....

now in no way am i attacking you as a poster, however saying someone doesnt know their ass from their elbow doesnt make it seem all too friendly of a post, howver i will take it as a kid and hope thats what it was.....we are all rooting for the same team here and we may have different ideas, however i do back mine up and while i am no where near the most knowledgable person here, i am not the least either
No I am kidding but I said it because I feel like the only one who thinks Reddens soft ass would be the worse thing for this team.

Campbells numbers do not lie. Sorry whether you live in buffalo or not really has no effect on what your saying because Ive watched enough of both to know that you really cannot compare.

If you had Staal and Campbell together thats a rock on defense and a 64 point dman. In my book that blows away what Redden brings to the table, half the points similar +-

Redden will get 6.5 even though like Drury he deserves 5 at the most. Campbell will get 7 if Boyle just got the same. They are same type of Dman.

Ill settle on Streit or liles if you want but signing wade redden would be the worst thing for this team.

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