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06-11-2008, 08:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Barnaby View Post

Quick question guys... I just bought a 52 inch Sharp Aquos LCD TV LC-52D64U. In the store I was told that I need to buy the 800 HDMI Monster Cables to get the best HD picture. I have a PS3, and a cable box. I then read a review online that said all HDMI cables work the same. Any of you guys tech masters? I'm willing to pay more for cables if it means the best picture, because after the price I paid for the TV - I do want optimum performance. With that said, I don't want to throw money away either.

Thanks guys.
Please Please do not waste your money on expensive cables. I'm a professional A/V installer and I assure you expensive hdmi cables are a waste of money. Buy a reasonably priced cable of good quality, usually in the $30-$50 dollar range. Even the 10 dollar cables you can get online will work great, but i'd be concerned with how long these extra cheap cables will last. What you read online is correct, HDMI carries a digital signal, which unlike an analog signal which can be degraded on poor cabling, a digital signal is basically all or nothing. If your hdmi cable carries a signal, then it carries the same signal as another cable. Hope that makes sense. You can pick up an hdmi cable for your cable box and your ps3 for less than 1 monster cable.

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