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06-11-2008, 10:34 PM
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Dang, it won't be the same without him...

I imagine the players he listed were probably his road roommates? Or something to that effect.

Also, I don't imagine that opening night will be the date his number gets retired, if only because some sort of ceremony for Luc Bourdon is likely to take place, and it would be a weird emotional shift to move from tragedy to cheering on Trevor.

To the one who said the Dick Duff comparison can't be made because Duff has a lot of Cups, well, in addition to "Cup rings" being perhaps the most arbitrary statistic in history (Trevor makes it to within a goalpost and crossbar of a Cup, but he has "nothing" while Ryan Shannon has all this other insight because the result is different? Come on, that makes no sense), I'd also like to point out that Duff played in a 6-team league! Put Trevor on a 1950-60s NHL squad and he'd have a bunch of Cups too. It's not even a statistic. In this day and age, 1 team in 30 wins a Cup.

I'm not saying Trevor should make the Hall (it's way easier for older players to make it anyway, due to a generational bias), but Cups across generations shouldn't have much to do with it. The 4th line left wing on the '50s Habs isn't a better player than Mats Sundin or Eric Lindros.

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