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Originally Posted by nORRis8 View Post
Funny how good players let alone great players make make average players better.
Thornton had Samsonov running shotgun on his line. Thornton left and hat happened to Sammy?
Thornton also had Muzz on his other side. How has Muzz done since J-Tho left?

Joe goes to SJ and instantly Cheechoo has a career year. Marleau went nuts.

Sundin has had some decent players play with him, but did they become better? Hardly. Did Mogilny become even better playing with Sundin. Nope.

So what would Sundin do for Montreal? Nada. Hes big but hes soft. He never plays hard in front of the net. Never gets dirty. So if guys want a big physical centreman in a Montreal uniform, why get Sundin? With the Habs I see a very physical team with even their top scoreers contribing, Kovalev and Koivu. How would Sundin fit into the chemistry then?
He's gonna look for about 7-8 million a year and possibly a 2 year deal. Owch!!!! Quite a bit for a guy who's resume says "I've won nothing."

But if some of you guys ant him, hey, whatever floats your boat.
Ever herd of Jonas Hoglund? The guy who scored 8 goals with the Habs, goes to the Leafs and scores 29 while playing with Sundin?

He has won an Olympic gold as the Captain od Sweden.

And Sundin is much more of a physical player than Kovalev.

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