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Originally Posted by broadwayblue View Post
the guy in the store, like most retail salespeople, is an idiot.

get this:

it will work as well as any $150 HDMI cable, and you'll end up with about $145 extra in your pocket.
I didnt get a chance to run through all the posts in this thread because broadwayblue won the thread so early on with this post. Monster Cable is an epic waste of money. Never buy anything with Monster on it. Its like buying Bose products. They arent that great, the marketing is. All cables and accessories should be bought at monoprice. The place is awesome.

As for HDMI, component is just as good. Some people actually like the picture better with component. It all depends what you have, but in all seriousness, you probably will not be able tell the difference between component and hdmi. If you want to watch High Def, you will need one of the two. This is the order of quality...

Composite - Yellow cable, often found with the red and white audio cables. Avoid at all costs.
Svideo - Svideo is a pretty noticeable imporvement over composite.
Component - Red/Blue/Green cable. Sometimes they have the Red/White audio cables with it. Bare minimum for HD.
HDMI - The nice thing about HDMI is that its fully digital. If you have surround sound and use component you need a total of 6 connections. The Red/Blue/Green video, Red/White Audio, and the cable for your sub. Hdmi is an all in one cable.

Most video displays have a limited amount of HDMI ports. Anything with a High Def picture should definitely use Component/HDMI. Even if you have a Non-HD DVD player, you should still use Component/HDMI if you have enough ports. The difference is definitely noticeable.

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