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06-12-2008, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Pascal View Post
Start to make a profit? I'd venture into saying the Habs bring a TON of money to Gillett. Not only through ticket sales (with prices that keep going up for some strange reason) but through merchandising and licensing deals.
You are probably right, especially with the resurgence after the lockout.
But that is not the story the Habs were spinning prior to the lockout.
Municipal taxes higher then all 24 american teams put together. Plus federal and provincial taxes. A week dollar until a few years ago. And a player payroll around 40 to 45 mil. I don't think it's impossible to think they did lose money. So if in the last few seasons they were able to turn a profit, well the CBA was all about the owners finally making a profit right?
The habs will not spend to the cap, just a gut feeling. Still with a 50mil payroll will be in the top 10 probably so that should still give us a better team them most.

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