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06-12-2008, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by CupB4IDie View Post
Hey everyone, I come in peace!

I was wondering how you value these three defensemen. It seems like a lot of the trades that float around involve someone from the Preds, so I was curious as to what YOU thought of them. If anyone would know their positives/negatives, it would be you guys....

If you had to trade one of these guys, which one would it be? I know all of them are young, have potential, and are alreayd at the NHL level. But all things considered (contract status, style of play, etc), if you had to trade one, which would be ok with trading?

Again, I'm just curious as to what you guys think. From an outsiders perspective, it seems like it would go: Weber, then Suter, then Hamhuis. However, I know that Weber and Suter are RFA. How far apart are you guys from a deal with either of them? Another thread said that Weber was asking for $5M, and Suter was asking for $3.2.... think either of those will get done??

Thanks for any thoughts!!!
Suter seems to be the most likely to be dealt if there is anyone of these guys dealt at all. We also have Klein and Koistenin who could potentially be traded instead of these guys. Suter is a good skating two - way defenseman. Weber has the potential of a 5 ton weight tied to a fraying rope hanging over a seesaw with a chihuahua on the other end. Hamhuis is currently our best defenseman. So there is no way anyone is getting Weber or Hamhuis without a massive overpayment.

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