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06-12-2008, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post

The fact that the Coyotes went so far off the board and committed themselves to a guy like Wheeler only for him to basically spit in their faces speaks very lowly of Wheeler and no one else, IMO.
So if a company that you didn't want to work for called out your name at a convention without your consent, it would be spitting in their face to not work for them? You're all treating this as if Wheeler broke some kind of commitment. He didn't. These players are not property, just because a team calls out a name at the draft does not mean the player is obligated to sign and play for that team. Now, there is a CBA in place that allows the team that drafts a player certain advantages (exclusive rights to the player for a certain number of years), but if the player is willing to wait that out then it's completely legal for him to sign wherever he wants.

Backing out of a legal contract is dishonorable and illegal, refusing to sing one is not. I find it laughable that so many posters are blasting Wheeler for this when we would all prefer to choose our employer, rather than have them chose us.

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