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Originally Posted by Blades 0f Steel View Post
Can you blame me for assuming that? I seriously thought you were pulling our legs by coming here to say the Habs don't need Sundin because he's soft. It's not like you'd be the 1st Bruin poster to pretend to be a Hab homer.

OK I see in your other post you say you're a Bruins fan. I apologize...but it should shed some light on how bad your assessment of Sundin is.
No need to apologize.
Heres the thing....I've been watching hockey for over 35 years, saw the best play. Is Sundin horrible? No. Is he great? Thats debatable. Heres a guy who is 6 foot 5 and is terrified to stand in front of the net during a powerplay.
Messier awarded him his goofy award for leadership which I found hysterical. Is Messier looking for a ob with the leafs? Who knows.

I do know this, Sundin is the last thing the Habs need to screw up the teams chemistry plus hog up 7 million cap room. They have alot of good young players like Laperierre and others who are proving themselves and will only get better. Get rid of C.C. Ryder and get a proven leader, maybe someone who has won something.

Originally Posted by Maxpac View Post
lol, he's even admitted he's nothing else but a troll, nice...

Super. Now do this for us...define: troll.
Get back to us,'k.

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