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06-13-2008, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger View Post
There are other goaltending coaches out there who I'm sure do very well too--I can't imagine Allaire is the only one to have success. And LeNeveu has only a few more years to make it into the NHL--the situation here is not promising for him, he'll be lucky to get any starts next season and there no guarantees he'll improve enough to be entrusted with the backup role the year after next. Plus, this may very well be the last NHL contract he signs, so he has to consider the long term implications of "taking less" very carefully.
Yes, there are a lot of other goaltending coaches out there, but LeNeveu worked with Allaire in his rookie season in the Coyotes organization and ever since Allaire "left" the Coyotes, LeNeveu's game has not progressed and maybe even regressed (especially given the horrendous teams that he played behind).

I can tell you first hand that the month or so that Allaire spent in Springfield with LeNeveu in his rookie season that he looked like a completely different goaltender (Jean-Marc Pelletier's best season also was when Allaire worked with him as well). Further, David's play in Hartford with just a few weeks with Allaire was noticeably better than it was in San Antonio. Give him one more year with Allaire and I think that he might live up to the hype that was expected out of him when he was drafted out of Cornell.

This said depending on the offers out there, LeNeveu may settle to stay with the Rangers organization to continue to work with Allaire. Worst case scenario is that he plays a lot in Hartford, works with Allaire, improves his game, and is traded by the deadline or turns some heads within the organization and pushes Lundqvist.

BTW, you mention that LeNeveu only has a few more years to make it in the NHL, don't forget that it took Valiquette nearly 10 years to play a full season at the NHL level and next season will only be LeNeveu's 6th.

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