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Cuz carbo is the coach, but he doesnt control every move of the player like on NHL 08

Wouldnt you guys want more representation from your country on this team? honestly? nothing against Euros cuz they are great....but Id like to see some Canadian physical playoff warriors

look at this whole thread, youll realize i never ONCE bashed ANYONE of Euro descent
OK...lets compare Apples and Oranges...litterally.

Apples are amazing.

Apples are the best.

Nothing Tastes better than an apple.

There shouldnt be anything but apples in a juice with the word "apple" in it.

We only need apples.

Them oranges looking pretty bad now, eh?

Good thing I didnt bash the oranges though

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It is a KNOWN fact Canadians are best at the Canadian STYLE of GAME

just like

Brazillians are best at the Brazillian style of "Fooot-ball"

Im talkin bout STYLE brothers
Its still an archaic term.

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