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Originally Posted by Lord Chezz View Post
But were talking NHL hockey here.

and like I stated before, the Canadian Hockey Style is a dated term.

Them Russians were playing a heluva canadian style in Quebec.

The fact of the matter is that physical play is not longer our country's staple. We win championships because we breed better players...not better styles.

Heck, a lot of our new starts are superb finesse players (think Toews, Gagne, Staal(s) )...the gritty aspect you're looking for in no longer coming from only canadian players.

Canada is best in terms of skill...AND STYLE

let me explain...

Canadas style is finnese, rough, tough, skilled, in your face hockey...

dont kid yourself or be honest to awknowledge we are the best

Originally Posted by Artie View Post
To your first question...did that guy really play a CANADIAN GAME or did someone else do it for him?

To your second question...tells me that nationality produces more captains, doesn't tell me anything about STYLE

I'm not bashing you just answering your questions.
Canadian players have the HEART for the Canadian game, cuz the NHL and the Stanley Cup culture has been with us for longer than anymore and it means more to Canadians than any other Nation

Who wants to win the cup more? a Canadian?

You think there is 1 Canadian kid who grew up hoping to win a championship in Europe over the Stanley Cup?

Not every Euro hockey player has the dream to WIN the Stanley Cup, so naturally Canada has better fitting captains, cuz we want the cup more....

cant deny that my brothers

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