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Originally Posted by Jussin View Post
but we talkin bout HOCKEY

how many Canadian kids grow up wantin to win a HOCKEY championship in Europe?

if there is any, they from Alberta jk

But seriously, Canadians wanna win the Stanley cup more than any naturally we are better fitting captains...
The NHL is a mainly American based corporation with about just over 60% of it's players being from Canada. I'd guess that the % of captains reflects the number of nationalities playing the game at this level, though I didn't bother to actually check this out.

Personally, I belive Canada is the top hockey country in the world due to depth. If you have 5 best against best tournaments, you could get 5 difefrent winners, esp. now with the young Russian players seemingly coming together . There are 6 legit teams with a chance to win every tourney.

Where Canada shines is in depth. Our #2 team could compete in any tournament and have a chance. Rigged,skilled,in your face, that sounds like the guy who walked off with the Hart last night. The days are goine where you could bludgeon a European team and they'd back off. Canadian players have historically had an extra gear hey could go to in key situations but as we reach successive generations where teams routinely have a broad ethnic mix, this is changing. Canada can't simply want it more, other countries have adopted this as well.

Which teams play what you consider the Canadian style ? Using broad terms is just you hiding behind big letters. You think Czech coaches caution against speed,skill, and passion ?

Originally Posted by Lord Chezz View Post
Steven Crosby Ville?
I'm getting confused, it was David Crosby in CSNY right ? aka Spemwhale. Bing was the singer.

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