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Originally Posted by PukkuMikku View Post
I disagree.

Cherepanov is on a professional level. Even if he were in the US at this point he would have been in the NHL or AHL.

Whereas Filatov will be going straight to Canadian Juniors.
No one, even Filatov, knows where he will play next year. Just because he's said he's willing to play in the CHL doesn't mean that that's where the team that picks him will want him. My money's on him going to the AHL, where the team will have more control over his develoment and have the opportunity to call him up if he proves ready for it. Chances are it's not going to be a team that's stacked with talent if they're picking in the top 5 so there's a better chance it could happen then if he were going to a team like Detroit or Pittsburgh, etc.

Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
True to an extent. However, I don't think many could argue that Cherepanov would be the more likely of the two to make an immediate jump to-- and make an impact in the NHL at this point.
Of course he would, he's a almost a year and a half older, more physically mature, and has the experience of playing against men. But just because he got the opportunity to play in the RSL earlier than Filatov doesn't mean he'll ultimately be the better player. It's like saying Sam Gagne will be a better player than Anisimov because he played in the NHL at a younger age.

Personally, I think Filatov has been way over-hyped. But so has Cherepanov by Rangers fans. Until they both play at the same level anyone who tries to predict who is better is just guessing. Especially those of us here who've only seen either play in very limited amounts.

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