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It's like a stick jammed into the spokes of evolution. I had a record player that wouldn't quite engage the record, so we taped a penny on the arm. That was the Canadian way of fixing a record player. I was a Canadian kid, and yeah, I liked to listen to records.
But did you used ducttape while wearing a toque and long johns and drinking a Blue?

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Joined this thread a little late, but the OP is right. No need to get rid of the euro's that we have now, but they are a little...dare I say..soft? Plekanec had a horrible playoff, and Andrei K looked lost. Sergie played well, and Koivu was a warrior-European or not, that's not what I'm looking at. We just need a few more role players, and they don't necesarily have to be Canadian, it just so happens that most of the guys that fit the description are.

A couple of Detroit's euro's play a NA style. Holmstrom and Franzen are warriors. It's not true 100% of the time, but I found the Habs team a little soft this year.
Agreed on the soft part...but the euro=soft stigma is a myth...

For all the soft euros, I can name a soft Canadian boy...Kilger, anyone?

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