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Originally Posted by alphaqup View Post
That article, plus the Post article, indicates that he wants to come out East. We are pretty much THE team to play for here in the East, so I'd say it's looking good for us.

He may not be a bona fide top 6 forward, but you can never have too many prospects in your system. Especially when we're not giving up anything to get him, except cash.
Umm... I'd love to agree with you on your first part, but unfortunately 2 of the Top 5 players in the world play in Pittsburgh (and our great society has made so many strides for equality that those 2 Penguins just happen to be women. Who'da thunk it 50 years ago?)

And what do we honestly have to lose on signing Wheeler? Callahan and Korpedo are the only "true" wingers we have locked up for next season. Avery could go (unlikely), JJ and Marty could go (possible), Dawes and Sjostrom are technically rfas (though it's highly unlikely that they leave), Shanny's not coming back for his price tag, and guys like Anisimov, Prucha, Gomez, and Drury are probably better suited at center than moving to the wing (Dubinsky is the only one of our guys that we have now that I would keep at center). So we throw the kid 2.75 million entry level deal over 3 years. If he pans out, great, we just got ourselves a top 10 draft pick for free. If he doesn't, so what life moves on. He's not an injury prone vet like Lindros or Bure (2 of the more hideous pickups Sather has made), nor would we have to trade for him (which would mean giving up quality players for him). Other than JJ, this team doesn't have a big bodied forward up front. Jessiman is a bust (face it, we should have gotten Dustin Brown), and most of our guys (Avery, Dawes, Callahan, Marty straka, sjostrom, drury, gomez, dubinsky to an extent) are a bit undersized. Sure Dubinsky is an average size, but Wheeler's a big boy. He would be very useful to this team.

So there's my long winded explanation on why we should get wheeler. He's a top 10 pick who would basically be picked up for free and probably be a somewhat solid contributer over the next 3 years.

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