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06-14-2008, 07:45 AM
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Originally Posted by FLYLine88 View Post
What he did to Jagr in the the Olympics I will never forget.
Yeah, what an a-hole. Nobody hits Jagr, he should know better

It was a perfectly legitimate, shoulder to shoulder hit. Ruutu can't help it if Jagr puts his head down at the last millisecond and then gets his forehead cut by his 1960's Jofa helmet that easily breaks to shards. (After the incident, he finally decided to enter the 21st century with his helmets.)

Note to Jagr:
When you have the puck, expect to get hit. Don't put your head down, especially if you have opted to use an antique helmet. If you were to, however, get cut because of such acts of your own stupidity, don't be a diva about it.

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