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06-14-2008, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by PukkuMikku View Post
hahah oh thats just halarious.

Too bad for these ****ers hockey requires the most athletic skill of any sport in the world.

American Football is a joke sideshow sport with gangster thugs, useless female reporters on the field with incredible insight such as: "its clear they need to score more points to win, Bob, back to you". 5000 pound fat ***** who die of exhaustion in training camp can play in that "sport" and when they aren't dancing on the field of play like a bunch of classless clowns, they're shooting each other in night clubs or murdering dogs in dog fighting rings. They're so tough, let's see them play more then one game per week. ****ing pansies. Football is for guys who are too ***** to play rugby.

Basketball is even more of a joke. A bunch of 15 year old billionaires running around with gang signs and "bling" around their necks, shorts that are 50 sizes too big, that cry when they get a slap on the hand.

Don't even get me started on baseball, the whole league is a bunch of cheating babies that miss a season due to a blister on their finger or a twinge in their calf...what life threatening injuries! And the die hards fans are nothing more then a bunch of stat mongering traditionalists.

Tiger Woods.... LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL play a real sport you pansy. All golf courses should be turned into parks, where families can play, or animal reserves. High class, polo wearing, 9am tee time stuck up phonies.

These clowns don't get it, because they lack any REAL athletic ability, they can't skate and that means they can't play a REAL sport.

Other then hockey, soccer and tennis are real sports that require this thing called athletic ability.
Way to generalize.

As much as I think hockey & soccer require the most athletic ability, you could be further from the truth about the other sports. Yes the pro leagues are garbage in many respects (the athletes are so full of themselves and they've become a gamble fest), but football requires a lot of athletic ability and the chances of getting injured are much greater than any other sport. Basketball requires a whole lot of athleticism. Go out and play basketball for an hour and see how you feel afterwards.

Baseball is the ultimate lazy sport, but I still have tons of respect for the pitchers, they have a very tough job. Baseball still requires a lot of hand-eye coordination and strength to play.

Golf used to be an old man's sport, but Tiger changed the game, he showed that you must be an athlete to play golf. Tiger is one great athlete, he deserves the respect he gets.

You go and talk about how the players are thugs and cheaters. That's such a small percentage of these players that the media makes a huge deal about. How about the rest of the guys (the vast majority) that you never hear a peep about who are honest hardworking players? I guess they're thugs and cheaters too.

Anyway, take a pro from any of those sports and they're probably one hundred times the athlete than any of us. There's no reason to act like a child because your favorite sport got made fun of. For any player to make it pro they have to be a great athlete. Whether or not you like a sport doesn't mean you should put it down as a sport that isn't a "real" sport. You sound like a child in your post.

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