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06-14-2008, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by PukkuMikku View Post
I'm not acting like a child for calling out their crap sports the way they did mine.

I have played basketball. Running back and forth dribbling a ball is not much of a challenge. I respect players like Jordan. I don't however, respect these young gangster mentality players, theyre above the coach, above the game, above the refs...

Football requires athleticism depending on the position. Running back? Yes. QB? Yes. Kicker? yes. Fat linesman? No. And still that doesn't mean they're not all clowns that pull ridiculous antics both on the field and off.

Tiger Woods USED to be a golf player. Now he has decided to be loud mouth when interviewed. He trashed hockey in a recent interview, i find it funny however, considering he does nothing but swat at a ball and then take a cart to it while his bag boy carries all his crap.

I have more respect for hockey players then any other pro athletes in the world. The most humble, least paid, play through serious injury and at a high level.

I find race horses as more of an athlete then some of these "professionals"

Swimmers, skiers, snowboarders, gymnasts, figure skaters, ect... all real athletes.

Golf? seriously.
That's the culture of the game and the culture of today's society. It has nothing to do with the sport itself, it's the talent that's being brought in.

Actually linemen have one of the toughest jobs in football if not the toughest. My friend played lineman in high school and he told me how ridiculous it is. Trying to prevent someone who is running at you full speed from getting behind you doesn't require athleticism? Yes, they aren't in shape in that if they ran across the field they almost collapse, but it doesn't mean the position doesn't require athleticism.

Yeah Tiger said, Who watches hockey. Big deal? That's trashing the sport? If it makes you feel better he did mostly take back the comment. He's a golfer and he's amazing at what he does. He'll destroy anyone in the world at golf, I think that qualifies him as an athlete since hitting the ball as well as he does requires athleticism and skill.

As I said I do agree that hockey requires more athleticism than any other sport, but that still doesn't mean that the other sports require that much less.

I respect all professional athletes as the common person cannot get close to what they accomplish in terms of athleticism for their game. I do not respect the professionals who take a privilege of playing a game for a living for granted. Who act like they are on top of the world because of where they are. If these guys weren't playing most probably wouldn't be making 1% of what they do. That's our world today though. A world where everyone thinks they are better than the next guy and they don't care if they stomp all over everyone to prove that they are better. Forget helping your fellow man and being humble for what you have.

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