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Originally Posted by habfan4 View Post
I was referring to the conspiracy musings of fans and not the article.

In terms of WC 2002, I don't disagree.
Maybe not conspiracy but it would not be outside the realm of possibility that the ref's can have a negative bias against Italy. Just look at the reaction on this board.

I also look at if from another angle. I can name many incidents of calls that went against Italy such as:
- Champions league, Inter Liverpool, Materazzi sent of on an inexistent first yellow
- WC 2006, Materazzi sent off harshly against Austalia, soft penalty awarded to Malouda in the first six minutes of a WC final
- Euro 2004 - Conditioned tie (2-2) one of the only result that can eliminate Italy
- WC 2002 - Italy Korea, Moreno - too many incidents to even list all
- Euro 2000 - six minutes of stoppage time when 2 was more realistic.

That being said, aside from the Grosso penalty against Australia (although Grosso embellished, I think that this foul would be called 90% of the time and was sort of a even up call for an atrocious sending off) can you name me decisions that have gone Italy's way? If it looks like a duck, quack like a duck, walks like a duck, it pretty much is a duck.

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