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06-14-2008, 08:10 PM
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Yes well it IS the offseason and this IS a hockey board discussing the rangers.

I hope the NYR regisn Avery but as I mentioned on another thread, Sean is a 3rd line guy for a winning team and a 2nd line guy for a losing team. Just my opinion but if he and his agent price themselves into a top 6 bracket I don't think it benefits the NYR to resign him.

assuming this is the case I thought a thread about Tucker was at least worth discussing. Quite likely a step up from Ruutu too. Obviously cost is a major factor here, but again assuming he came "cheap" to play for an original six I think he warrants consideration on the 3rd line.

Clearly you don't have avery and tucker. But without avery ?

On an aside I think Dubinski can play that kind of role, but you then have to find his replacement.

The NYR are a better team with a pest than without. If they guy has skills on top of guts even better.

Robbie Ftorek's style comes to mind or Donny Maloney or tomas sandstrom... yeah tomas was a bit over the top with the stickwork but he had game.

How about a guy like Holik instead ?

yes these guys are older and yes hartford is probably a better place to find parts for the team next year but it is the OFFSEASON and that is what threads like this are for.

now back to your regularly scheduled flame fest

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