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Originally Posted by 710 View Post
Makes me wonder, is there any "postitive" rumours about finnish woman in Turkey, know anything about that also Matthip?

Seriously, I'm just joking.
I know that several african men in sweden refer to finnish women as more "traditional" than swedish women, and that being part of the attraction for them, could be a factor with turkish men as well.

And swedes with turks is ALOT more common than finns with turks

Ethnic variation has probably saved sweden from some crap that we got, like psoriasis being 250 times as common in Finland... And lactose intolerance... In Finland almost a fifth of the population is lactose intolerant. In sweden the same number would be about 5-7%...

I of course have both psoriasis and mild lactose intolerance >_<

Stupid family that just got started with foreign blood in the late 1990's >_<

I've heard that the inbreeding coefficient still is bigger in sweden. I don't get that really. Must be because of Österlen xD

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