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06-15-2008, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by pam19 View Post
Are we taking about Naslund here?????

Are you comparing "Czerkawski and Berezin" to Naslund?

Because you are naming players I have never heard about. I vagely remember a failure named Czerkawski that was with us a year.
Was he a 100 points player... I don't think so. Also, he did not play very much (coach decision at that time).

Please elaborate how "Czerkawski and Berezin" are comparable to Naslund?
Did any of these guys did 50 points in their career because Naslund has 100 points seasons in the NHL.

About "soft", we have seen what the Habs can do with "SOFT" players.
Carbo and BG has already stated: "No GOON" we want to play hockey.

BTW, please name me a goon in Detroit Red Wings? In Ducks (Pronger is a dirty playerr but certainly no goon)?

Even Shero will let Laraque go! Mark my words!

Edit: one last comment... 3-4 for Naslund would be better than Smokes, Dandeneault and many others.
Would not echange Kosts ot Higgins for Naslund but he could play on our first two lines in case of injuries...
Detroit doesn't have goons but the team isn't soft. Datsyuk was hitting quite often. Most of their players are willing to go hard to the net, play along the boards and go to danger zones. Naslund doesn't do this anymore.

Naslund on the 3rd line at 3-4 million probably puts up 40 points.

Czerkawski and Berezin comment is in regards to players Montreal need to stay away from. They are finally building a team from within with grit and heart and talent. We have seen enough of these "reclamation" projects in Montreal.

Finally, Montreal's problem isn't offense. The issue is the last top 4 on defense spot or a Franchise player. Naslund is none of these, and at his likely cost is just another redundant player on this team.

edit: frankly i will take the opinion of myself and the opinions of the west coast who have seen him countless times the last few years. This is a guy who has already talked about retirement for the last few years as well. Even if he does succeed somewhere else, he isn't the type of player needed in Montreal.

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