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Originally Posted by nyrJeff View Post
I've come to feel the same way, but more because of the fans than the team itself. The Pens fans are the most arrogant and disrespectful I've ever encountered in my life. They're so "holier than thou", they actually think their team is on par with some of the great dynasties of all time, the Oilers of the 80's for example.
You've pulled that one straight from your rear. I don't think I've seen a single fan that has compared the Penguins at any point in history to the dynasty of the Oilers.
As if there's any skill involved in drafting two players at #1 overall and two more at #2 overall. It's not too difficult to have such a team after a decade of total suck.
Nobody ever claimed otherwise. I don't think you quite understand the situation though. Any team can be a bottom dweller for 5 consecutive seasons. Are you willing to let your team be the laughing stock of the league for 5 years? Besides, the Penguins didn't tank in an effort to get high picks. They tanked because they were facing bankruptcy yet again and couldn't afford their players. The new CBA made it possible for the Pens to succeed again. I don't think there is a Pens fan out there that thinks it was excellent management that brought in guys like Crosby, Malkin, Fleury, Whitney and Staal. We all realize that this was a result of terrible management and a really bad financial situation.

Some people in large markets like to criticize the CBA because it limits their spending. I have some comments to that end. It does not limit the amount of money spent on in house consultants. It does not limit how much is spent on player development. It does not limit the number of scouts a team may have and it doesn't limit how much they get paid. Because of all of that, even a small market team that spends to the cap, still has an overall disadvantage because they can't spend nearly as much in these other areas. I know that's kind of off topic, but I thought it should be said.

Edit: I also don't get the "disrespectful" thing. How have the Pittsburgh fans been disrespectful to your fans or to your players? If anything, I think the "Cindy" and "diver" business is far more disrespectful than anything I can recall large masses of Pens fans saying to any Rangers fans. I respect your team, could you show some for ours?

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