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Originally Posted by hockeyviper87 View Post
1) no, all i was saying is that he doesnt fit onto this team...this happens from time-to-time when a player just doesnt fit....i think he would fit great on a team like buffalo who plays an open style and has players like mair, gaustad, bernier, vanek.......
You said you didn't think Renney would "use him correctly and that he should be in a more wide open system" I don't think Prucha would be a "great" fit on any of those teams..A "better" fit maybe but I'm not sure you could give Prucha away coming off the past two seasons..Most of his goals the 1st year were before Turner Stevenson drilled him into the boards. He hasn't been the same player since...

2) yes, for most teams, to get 20 or more goals, it may be worth it to throw a player like prucha on a line with say lucic or mair or antropov or whoever...there a re a lot of teams who have players already under contract who could fit those player is perfect.....i mean its the same thing with a playmaker like gomez, he would be much better with a goal-scoring winger....its that simple...
If you look at the rosters of the players you mentioned they have better fits then Prucha...Not to mention Petr Prucha would drag those linemates down...

I don't understand why you are bringing Gomez into a debate about Prucha. Scott Gomez is good in all situations regardless of linemates..

3) that is exactly what i was saying, however i do believe prucha can score 20 goals consistently.....he scored 7 playing half the games this year and 30 his first year....seems like he could probably do the same thing in the same type of situation.....most teams would love to get cap room and a still young 30 goal-scorer...he has value and IMO would be a good fit on many teams, just not here under renneys system
Petr Prucha played on the 2nd and 3rd line this year and dispite the misconception that he didn't get any power play time he certainly did for a stretch during the season. I doubt teams are going to look at Prucha's first year totals anymore, this is a sport of what you have you done for me lately not what have you done for me 3 years ago...Renneys system has nothing to do with why Prucha can't one time a shot nor does it have to do with why the puck slips off his stick time and time again...Renney system also has nothing to do with why Prucha gets drilled game after game.. (on the road those hits are momentum changers) Prucha has value in a package deal on his own I think he is can't spend 1.6M on guys on 7 goal scorers who no show in the playoffs better...

I was a huge Prucha fan at one time but his effort/confidence (which was lacking) and his scoring abilty (which is lacking) are nothing to write home about. I hope your right, I hope Prucha is worth something that fits the team. I just can't sit here and honestly say that...

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