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06-16-2008, 12:25 AM
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Originally Posted by battlerex99 View Post
I just want to throw a couple of things out there about two of my favorite Rangers, Petr Prucha and Dan Girardi.

1) Petr Prucha

05-06: 68gp, 30g, 17a, 16ppg ATOI: 13:42 (1st line)
06-07: 79gp, 22g, 18a, 8ppg ATOI: 13:00 (3rd line)
07-08: 62gp, 7g, 10a, 2ppg ATOI: 11:38 (3rd + 4th line)

Now, the first year is his rookie year when he played with Jagr, but even then, look at the number of games played and the average time on ice. Jagr was averaging 22:05 minutes of ice time per game, so almost half the time he was out there without Prucha. His second year, Prucha still had a very good year, considering the ice time he got. People say he "declined," but they fail to notice that he led all players with under 15 minutes ATOI in goal scoring that year. He was also playing on the third line that year, with Cullen and Callahan. Yet, despite this, he had the exact same number of even strength goals. Thus, his success is NOT tied completely to Jagr's. The only reason he "declined" at all was because Shanahan took away his PP time.

This past year was a disaster for Prucha, as he barely got any playing time at all with any of the top forwards, and even when he did get to play he was constantly being moved around onto different lines. How is he supposed to build chemistry if that keeps happening? The key to Prucha's success is how apt he is on the power play, so he should be getting time there. He also needs to be put on a line and kept there (I personally think a third line of Prucha - Korpikoski - Callahan would be excellent). It's clear to me that this guy is underutilized, the stats show it.

Also, since the biggest knock on Prucha is his size, I'd just like to point out that Prucha (6'0", 175 pounds) and our top prospect, Alexei Cherepanov (6'1", 181 pounds) are about the same thickness. Yet, one is too small and the other is fine. Go figure. Give the guy a shot. Of all the 05-06 rookies, he had the fourth most goals in his first two years behind a few big names: Ovechkin, Crosby, and Vanek. I'm not saying that he's nearly as good as any of those guys, but he's not as far off as you'd think.

2) Dan Girardi
First off, I would like to point out that last year was, officially, his ROOKIE SEASON. Now look at these numbers:

82gp, 10g, 18a, +0, 5ppg, 6ppa ATOI: 21:12 (palindrome!)

Now compare that to our supposed "super-rookie" Marc Staal:

80gp, 2g, 8a, +2, 0ppg, 0ppa ATOI: 18:48

Now, why are we all sticking Marc Staal in our first pairs and concluding that Girardi is a second pair defenseman at best? It's not as if there's a big size difference between the two (Girardi is 6'2", 200 pounds, Staal is 6'4", 204 pounds). Most of the goals given up on the Tyutin-Girardi pair at the end of the year were Tyutin's fault anyway. Now let's look at one of our favorite free agent defenseman, John-Michael Liles, who is a bit undersized at 5'10", 185 pounds:

81gp, 6g, 26a, +2, 5ppg, 15ppa ATOI: 19:40

So this guy is worth $4+ million to be on our first pair and Girardi isn't good enough? I see a player with 4 more points, a lot less size, less time on ice, and is 3 years older... oh and with a worse shot. Huh, makes me wonder.

My point: Girardi should be on our first pair next year. Marc Staal could be great, but he ain't there yet. Girardi's a lot closer.

STaal routinely played against the other teams top lines. Girardi and Tyutin did not as much.

Theres your answer. Play girardi on the top dpair and watch his numbers crumble

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