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06-16-2008, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Maybe yes, maybe no. But anyway, getting somebody who _can_ play in the Top 4 isn't the same as somebody who _will_ play in the Top 4. We were pretty unscathed by injuries last year. But if Gorges pairs nicely with Hamrlik most days, I still wouldn't mind having a base covered in the event that Komi or Hamrlik get hurt and somebody else has to step up to more minutes. I'm not sure if Smith is still capable of that or not - he seemed to manage ok on a team that eliminated us in the playoffs - but he has at least done it in the past, and consequently might be able to do so again. If he's more typically playing third-pairing minutes when we're all healthy, or if he just meshes better with Bouillon or something, that's fine too. Keith Carney would be in a similar category to consider IMHO.

Which is basically exactly what I'd be looking for.
I think Bouillon can step it up. Ok Gorges and Bouillon are not exactly great Ds, but as an overall strategy I think I would prefer spending dollars on the first line than on a possible 4th D. The big picture as to come into play here because another 3M$ D will rapidly increase the cost of our defense with Komo set to get a big raise. The target should be around 20-22m for the D

Gorges progressed from 7th to 5th D over the course of last season, I think theres still plenty of potential for him to improve to be at least the stable 4th man for the time being.(Before the defensive rebuilt at the draft table shows in the years to come.)

Dandenault, Valentenko


Carle, Subban, Mcdonagh, Weber, Fischer fighting for a spot.

Originally Posted by Habs10Habs View Post
I like Gorges as much as anyone. But on a true contending team, he would not crack the top 4.

As for Smith I'll pass, he looked too old and slow this year. I guess all the wear and tear from his aggressive style of play has finally caught up to him.
So at 21 years old playing top 4 minutes with the Sharks was just an aberration?

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