Thread: Confirmed Signing with Link: Wheeler a Bruin on July 1
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06-17-2008, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by PhoPhan View Post
He also said he wanted to sign with Phoenix and it was up to the Coyotes to make it happen. After they offered him more money than any other team could, Wheeler skipped town. Now it looks like he'll be signing with a team in almost the exact same circumstance, citing recent development of young players and a bright future as reasons. Well, last time I checked, the Coyotes have a whole bunch of talented youth on the roster, and there are few teams with as bright a future.

It just seems suspicious, is all.
and I agree with you, for the most part, it sucks and I think teams that go through the hassel of drafting players and such should hold their rights - and this loophole, imo, should be fixed - but that isn't to say that Boston hasn't had some good young prospects, either.

But he did skip town, so it wasn't about the money; there might just be something that we don't know about.

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