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Originally Posted by pam19 View Post
For example, what could we get for Higgins as far as draft choice are concerned?

This means that of ALL the [B]forwards[/B ]that were picked up in 2001, Higgins is the 6th best...

Higgins numbers are a fact. So basically, for Higgins, I want nothing less than first, second or third.
It's probably me, I'm pretty sure I don't understand what you mean if so, please correct me but you're basing your opinion by comparing numbers in the same draft year? How about a bad draft year versus an incredible one? Don't you think that 2003 ate alive 2002? If I had a team in reconstruction (and for the record, I don't want to trade Higgins), is it possible that Higgins or any player is not worth to be traded in 2002 'cause it's so ordinairy but could be dealt for 2003 who, despite being hyped as one of the best, was actually one of the best? The hype was real. This year's hype is also real and moreso next year's draft.

Seeing who comes after Higgins makes me understand more that 2002 was actually a pretty ordinairy draft. It actually a proof that it was a great choice since he's #6 in PPG. It's not a proof that Higgins is worth Stamkos or is worth a Tavares or a Hedman.

Now if you do the same exercise for 2003, who comes at #6 on that list amongst all those great players? Maybe then, that #6 on a great draft should have a greater return....

Or I did miss your point completely....

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