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06-17-2008, 07:40 PM
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Originally Posted by battlerex99 View Post
I will say this, I was originally adamant about us needing to re-sign Jagr, but the more I think about it the more I feel he needs to go. Yes, he was our leading scorer with 71 points, and that is worth $5 million a year in this league. However, consider the fact that he can only seem to play with Brandon Dubinsky. This automatically forces Chris Drury to become our $7 million 3rd center. Our first two centers need to be Gomez and Drury, in either order. By forcing Drury to play with less quality players, we're making his contract even worse than it is (I honestly believe that Chris Drury is a $6 million a year player... he led our team in goals despite playing with two rookies, Dawes and Callahan, all year. Put him with two higher quality players (I think he should stay with Dawes actually and get a new right winger) and just imagine the results).

The point of signing Gomez and Drury was that we wouldn't need high-priced, elite wingers, so let's start that trend now. Sign a couple of less-heralded guys like Michael Ryder and Niklas Hagman and then focus on the defense. Jagr's points can easily be replaced.
By signing guys like Michael Ryder and Hagman your only adding more Nigel Dawes and Ryan Callahan's to the team (who you previously just bashed).

Production wise, they're hardly a tickle away from eachother.

If your basing it line-wise then you'll have a problem with it, but our "order of centers" does not matter. It's how the team meshes as that set of players. Just because Brandon Dubinsky is playing with Jaromir Jagr does not make him a #1 Center because he doesn't have the playing ability or TOI to call himself that. That's Gomez, Drury that take up the top two TOI to call themselves the top two centers.

It's all about TOI, and Brandon Dubinsky won't see above 20 minutes a night this year while Gomer and Dru will see that quite often.

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