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Originally Posted by anarmandaleb View Post
Aww. Paulie. Sometimes you post the Hoff and I want to puke, and then you post that and I want to hug you.
shhhhh....even the thought of that makes me sick.

Originally Posted by Stephen Locke View Post
I was busy for quite some time.What exactly I missed out here on HF?

I expect some juicy stories to pop up from this thread.How many editions I missed?
Not much has happened in this thread so far. But go back to the last one, plenty of things happened in the last 100 or so posts.

Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
Great, you have your opinions. Unfortunately no one in this thread who regularly contributes to it, gives a damn. So go use your "voice" somewhere else.
Who are you talking to you crazy *******?

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