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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner View Post
I could be wrong but I don't think Avery would qualify for any bonuses...Doesn't a player have to be over 35?

Either way I would sign Avery to a 3 year $3.5M contract. What's Sather trying to save here $600,000 or $700,000...I think Sather has already tipped his hand in Delepinas blog a few weeks back when he called "even letting Avery become a free agent is a bit of a mistake" I don't think Sather would admit making a mistake before the fact. ..

If Avery has a problem with teammates off the ice that's why Tom Renney is here and that's why you have the leadership in the room. (Drury Gomez etc)

I can't see a player having a problem with Avery ON THE ICE where it matters most. Look at the game in Carolina in Febuaray. Gomez gets drilled by a Huricanes player and two Rangers (Staal and Rozsival) did nothing but there was Avery flying in across the TV screen sticking up for his teammate. Avery is worth every penny he's going to get as a free agent. Are there troubling signs with Avery? I couldn't deny that but Avery is such a unique asset it's hard to justify not paying him.

To me this isn't about the Rangers record with him in the lineup... (Look at the record with Malik in the lineup if you want to put BS stats into perspective) To me it's about next season...worry about the seasons after next when you need to. A $3.5M contract for a guy who has a third line player label yet has played on the top 2 lines since he became a Rangers player is justified heck it's a bargain at todays prices.... Is he a top two line player? on paper he isn't but the game isn't being played on paper...

Would it shock me if Avery finished a 3 year contract with the Rangers? Yeah, it probably would but without a no movement clause a $3.5M contract for Sean Avery would be easy to move if need be.

I think the Rangers are stupid for letting the Avery issue get this far. They should've signed him last offseason....They should've signed him in January.....They should've signed him earlier this month.....It just doesn't make any sense to me....
On that note, why weren't any of our FA's signed during the season? I can see Straka, Jagr, and Shanny because they're thinking about retiring but it doesn't make sense that the others weren't signed unless they weren't being brought back...

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