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05-31-2004, 03:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Shadowtron
I don't know what the deal is with this sudden "bash the Insiders" behavior, but it has to stop. The moderators have to start warning the bashers, or just nix the threads. You guys (the bashers) are acting like Park, SOTI, Edge, etc. are coming on here posting erroneous remarks, ridiculous trade speculations, and flat out acting like...well like you guys. The fact of the matter is I haven't seen more professionalism in a message board member than in these three guys. Their comments are always insightful and I find myself eager to read their threads. I'm not looking for rumors or guarantees, I'm looking for entertainment. I'm looking for news, however minute, regarding my favorite team. It's clear they work for the media, so their info is more or less what we read in our local papers. And if I can get a little early bird news about the Rangers from these guys, I welcome it. The bottom line is, if you think their posts are frivilous, then don't read them. There's no sense in crippling an enjoyable thread because you want things etched in stone. There are plenty of sites, I'm sure, that will guarantee you that Atl. will be dealing Heatly to the Rangers for their 6th overall selection, followed by another move for Pronger. I'm sure they exist.
What's going to happen in the end is these guys are going to find other places to report their news and simply stop coming around. While that my please the small, small minority of you, this board will certainly be lesser for not having them.

So stop the nonsense already. If you don't buy their news, then don't read their news. End of story.
I actually think it was only one poster (son of stienbrenner) who made any comments (he said that alot of park's information was BS.) Aside from him, everyone else has come out to say that they apreciate the information provided by park and others. So i don't think there's any need to get all antsy about it, they're not all about to up and leave becouse one poster disagree's with park.

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