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06-18-2008, 03:15 AM
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The whole Hank thing is dumb, in my opinion. I see the guy as nothing more than a cartoon character and I would put stock in about 15% of what the guy says.

As for the Willie thing, it's a damn shame and I personally think Minaya handled it terribly. Now there's no doubt the Yankees could have handled the Torre situation much better than they did...but the firing of Randolph just doesn't make any sense. I think it will wind up hurting the team more than if he had stayed on and done the sub par job he had done this year.

Also, if you're going to replace Randolph, a quiet, low-temper kind of guy....why replace him with a guy who is almost exactly the same in Manuel? If they are going to fire a guy who isn't lighting a fire under his team and refuses to yell at them or anything like that, wouldn't it make sense to go after a Larry Bowa or someone along those lines? There are just alot of questions here that don't seem to make sense.

As for Willie, he'll get back on his feet. I could absolutely see the Dodgers hiring him as an assistant for Torre. I'd love to have him in the Bronx on Girardi's staff, but I think LA is a perfect fit.

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