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06-18-2008, 08:01 AM
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I can't imagine that Sather wants to enter the new season without a superstar winger like Jagr. Just doesn't make sense. The Rangers have the cap space, I'm not sure how tight it would be but they have the space.

However, he hasn't been signed yet, apparently not even given an offer. And he has made it clear that playing with the Rangers is his number one choice.

That leads me to believe that Jagr is option number two (three?), and Sather plans to only sign Jagr if option number one doesn't materialize. Either Sather is thinking of a trade (unlikely) or he plans to make an offer to Hossa on July 1. I'd say 95% chance that Hossa is in his crosshairs.

I have mixed feelings. Jagr has given everything to the Rangers the past three seasons, and was critical to our success. However his regular season performance has declined every year. Even if his performance this playoffs was heroic, it couldn't get the job done - not his fault but it wasn't enough. And I wouldn't expect better next year.

Emotionally, I wan't Jagr to go out on his own terms. But Hossa is 7 years younger, is probably more dominant than Jagr next season because of that, and might be a better fit with the other forwards on the team. I hope he isn't offered an insane contract because that would tie our hands for years.

There is also a possibility that Sather gets Hossa, re-signs others, determines his cap, and offers Jagr a contract for one year based on what is left. It isn't his style to lowball offers though - notice that Shanahan got a 32% raise this past season as compared to the previous. Hmm.... I like this option best of all

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