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06-18-2008, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
My argument encompasses both scenarios.

Some here talk about hanging onto him "one more year" like thats the only scenario.

Its not likely Jagr will take one year. Who knows... he could - and we are caught in the middle again.

Still not a good choice if you ask me.
I don't mind him coming back for either one or two years... he really is a good mentor and younger players can learn a ton from watching/playing w/ him. Look at what he did w/ Dubi who I think another year w/ can really make him into a good player.

But I don't want the team to Revolve around Jagr anymore. ala signing all his friends to make him happy.

I really think Sather screwed the pooch by making or not making these FA signings the last two offseasons. It seams that he is lacking direction in where he wants this team to go. First it was the Euro root (the way I prefer, lots of skill, puck possesion, open game) than the NA root (dump, chase, lose puck, play d, dump chase zzzzzzz.......). But he didn't fully commit to either, yet he didn't have the right players in the system to use a hybrid system which probably is the most effective (aka Detroit). Also i don't think Renney has the capability to understand how to utilize players, and how to make a good effective hybrid system.

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