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06-18-2008, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by vipergtsr404 View Post
i may have missed someone else posting this but the whole idea of Trading Plekanec for this Filatov Idea to "POSSIBLY" replace him with Sundin not only is foolish based on the fact we have no real way of Knowing we'll get Sundin but Statistically it's insane.

last year (granted it was on the leafs who besides him have not very much in the way op support for him) Sundin had 32 goals 46 assists for 78 points which is consistently around the same spot for the last 10 years including the pre lockout teams that were going to the conference finals. Plekanec on the other hand had 69 points only 9 shy of sundins total (3 goals and 6 assists less technically)

IS it outside of the realm of possibilities that given the fact Plekanec has increased his point totals over the past 2 seasons signifigantly along with the fact alot of the wingers on this club are on what we would think the upward trends of their careers(kostiy bros, lats, higgins,) Plekanec could actually outproduce Sundin Next Season ??
All i did is scoff at the idea that trading Pleks for the 6th was a dumb idea.

Although adding Sundin adds intangibles that Pleks does not posess.

Size down the middle.

Did you not notice how he was utterly shut down in the PO?

Sundin will drive to the net, he's big and strong and makes other players around him better.

To think that Sundin wouldnt offer more then Pleks (in the immediate future) is dumb.

The idea is to be competitive for a long time, not just one year. An signing Sunding for 2 years along with drafting say, Filatov (as surefire an NHLer as there is) who will be awesome within the next 3 years....well you know...

anyways, it's pointless banter because it wont happen

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