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06-18-2008, 02:03 PM
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I just think that alot of you are underestimating the impact he has on this team's confidence. People are getting caught up in the numbers game, looking at the puzzle as a bunch of individual pieces instead of looking at the picture as a whole. When Avery is in the lineup the team has a swagger, an edge, and a level of confidence that is absent when he is. This team tends to take less crap from the other team, they turn the other cheek less, they stick up for themselves and others... they actually look like they don't deserve to be abused by the entire league.

Avery's number alone don't justify anything over $2.75m but it isn't often that a player elevates... something in each and every player. If Sather kicks in another 3/4 of a mil just to have that swagger, it's worth it.

Look at the last 2 cup winners, they had a take no s*** approach, they had an edge and an aggressiveness. Maybe they applied that attitude differently but you can't convince me that playing like a bunch of wimps will win anyone a cup, that's your common thread- and that is not how they play with Avery.

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