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06-18-2008, 03:17 PM
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Yes, Shanny took Prucha's PP time. Having Prucha on the PP would not have produced more goals overall, whether he was out there with Shanny or in place of him. The only thing it would have done is pad Prucha's numbers a bit to make him look better than he is.

Prucha's size is brought into question not just because he is small, but because he PLAYS small. He is constantly knocked off the puck, knocked down and generally ineffective at playing any type of physical game. In comparison, Dawes is a smaller player who is able to play a bigger game. He is strong on his skates and does a much better job of shielding the puck from defenders.

On the subject of Girardi vs. Staal, yes they were both essentially in their rookie years, but Staal is already bigger than Girardi and is 3 years younger. Compare them now if you wish, but if you compare Girardi now to Staal 3 years from now, Girardi will lose.

I like Girardi and I still think he has some room to improve, but Staal is going to be the better player by far. These type of things can't be determined by just looking at statistics. You have to actually watch them and see how they play the game.

But if you are such a big fan of stats, consider this. In the 10 playoff games, Staal had more ice time than Girardi in 8 of them. Girardi averaged 20:42 per game and Staal averaged 22:21 per game.

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