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05-31-2004, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by barnabyrules
I've thrown this trade around on a few different threads and was just wondering how far up the Wild could move in the draft with this proposal. I know TSK wants the Wild to move down and pick up some extra picks but personally i think we need a puck moving defencemen that can QB the powerplay and the only players i could see filling that bill right away are Barker and Thelen. Barker will be gone by #3 or #4 and IMO Thelen could go anywhere between #5 and #8 so we would have to move up to get him. So heres my proposal:

12th Overall
2nd Rounder (2005)
Manny Fernandez (RFA)
Filip Kuba
Matt Foy

Fernandez is a solid goaltender that could be the #1 guy on some teams and kind of a 1B goalie on other teams. He is a RFA but he won't cost that much (2 - 2.5 million).

Kuba was an all-star so his value should be somewhat high. He is a solid, stay at home defencemen that led the Wild in ice time last year but he wont chip in very many points.

Foy is solid prospect that has developed well since we drafted him. He is a powerforward type player that can play physical and score a few goals also.

So how far could the Wild move up with this?
12th, 2nd and Matt Foy
could get you up to around 7-8 i believe. i can't see why you want to trade kuba who year after year puts up some respectable #'s, to trade up to get a puck-moving prospect dman. he's your #1 dman, and as you said, an all-star.

Fernandez worth is around a late 1st to a mid 2nd pick. Him packaged with the 12th could move you up a couple spots, perhaps as many as 5 to # 7.

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